Sydney doctor Nurojan Vivekanandamoorthy (video credit: NZONE Skydive – Wellington)

Home page photo caption: Sydney bride-to-be Suge Sritharan in the skies above Queenstown with NZONE Skydiving jumpmaster Sotero Medley

QUEENSTOWN – A Sydney couple are on cloud nine following a surprise wedding proposal during an NZONE Skydive jump in Queenstown.

Sydney doctor Nurojan Vivekanandamoorthy and law firm HR specialist Suge Sritharan, both 28, were keen to make the most of the trans-Tasman bubble so booked a four-day break in Queenstown as soon as they were able.

But unbeknown to Suge, Nurojan had marriage on his mind after seven years together.

 The proposal banner

After persuading Suge to take a 15,000ft jump out of a perfectly good plane, he jumped first so he could be waiting on the ground with a ‘Will you marry me’ banner, flowers, champagne and, of course, the all-important ring.

Thankfully, she said ‘yes’.

“We’ve always wanted to come to New Zealand so when the bubble opened up we booked a trip to Queenstown determined to make the most of our four days,” says Nurojan, who works at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital.

“Queenstown’s the perfect place for a proposal so I had my fingers crossed the weather would be good, although Suge took a bit of persuading to do the jump.

  She said yes – Australian Suge Sritharan accepts a marriage proposal from Nurojan Vivekanandamoorthy

“She had quite a few butterflies but I was relieved and very happy when she landed and said ‘yes’. She was completely taken by surprise!”

Suge was born and raised in Sydney and Nurojan arrived in 2005 from Sri Lanka, so plans are for a big Sri Lankan wedding some time next year.

“We’ll always remember this day and the NZONE experience, and thanks to them for helping make it all happen!”

Skydive Queenstown General Manager Clark Scott says the company “loves nothing better” than a marriage proposal, especially from Australian visitors able to cross the ditch.

“We’ve been seeing small but positive numbers of our Australian friends since the bubble opened, including around 35% of our customers today. We wish Suge and Nurojan all the best for their future together!”

The happy couple planned to round off their day with a soak in an Onsen hot pool followed by dinner, and hopefully fit in a bungy jump before getting back to Sydney on Monday.